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Women's Issues

A supplement to our comprehensive workbook series, these additional age- and gender-specific materials addressing specific issues in women's lives, including abuse, violence, relationships, and health. These gender-specific issues should be addressed to build women's self-efficacy.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
W1 Especially for women: drug abuse, relapse....and recovery This workbook provides the counselor and clients with a variety of issues and activities, each of which addresses a facet of the different nature of women's abuse, relapse and recovery issues. It can be used in a variety of ways: as a class or group workbook, as a series of topics and activities for individual and group discussion, or as an individual assignment. 6
W2 Healthy relationships and healthy boundaries Women will identify: family-of-origin boundary issues, personal warning signs that boundaries need to be set; personal experiences and effects of physical, emotional, sexual and verbal abuse, and drug/alcohol use as a result of boundary violations. Additionally, client will identify areas where difficulties have recently been experienced in setting boundaries and develop an action plan to start setting boundaries for specific personal problem situations. Clients will practice assertion messages to be used in setting boundaries for current issues and use practice scenarios for setting boundaries. 6
W3 Control! (issues and answers for women) Identifies and addresses range of controlling behaviors (including manipulation) and control issues and links controlling with dependencies. Topics include need to control feelings and controlling of others. 6
W7 Avoiding your old relationships traps This workbook explores some of the issues and situations which caused trouble in past relationships. In many cases, problems in relationships are triggers to relapse. Clients are guided to explore and evaluate solutions for common gender-specific situations or "traps" which affect women in their relationships. 6
W8 Avoiding your old family traps Many young women are at risk to return to old dysfunctional family patterns. They may continue to experience the consequences of family neglect, abandonment, abuse, or addiction. This workbook identifies some of these old family "traps" and provides options. An important component is the identification of typical dysfunctional family roles. 6
W9 Self-Esteem And Identity Written examples address common gender-specific issues relating to self-esteem for girls and young women. 4
W10 Relationships and Friendships Addresses typical thinking underlying codependent behavior and relationships, as well as other dysfunctional relationship behavior. 3
W11 Surviving Abuse And Trauma: Strategies For Having A Great Life Stress and trauma resource, including for PTSD. 5
W12 Self-image and body image Identify and address specific issues in body image, self-image, and self-esteem. 4
W13 Eating issues Identify and address issues of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, obesity, and compulsive overeating. Note: most sections of this workbook support motivational enhancement therapy (MET). 7 to 8
W14 Life at Home This short workbook is designed to help clients start to discuss family issues (neglect, abuse, abandonment, or addictions) with program staff. 3
W16 Pre-Natal Care Guidance for young women who are, or who may become, pregnant. 3
W17 Basic women's health issues Discusses common gender-specific health issues. 7
W19 Women And The Community Shows women how they can make a difference in their community. Uses examples of prominent women who have overcome adversity. 4
W20 Issues with prostitution Addresses risk factors, contributing factors, sexual abuse, victimization, running away, health issues and consequences, self-esteem issues, male-female relationship issues, boyfriends and prostitution, gangs and prostitution, consequences, healing emotional wounds, dissociation, "Where do I go from here?" 7
W21 Compulsive Gambling Helps identify and address compulsive gambling issues. 5
W22 Self-injury Identify and address self-injury behavior. 4 to 5
W23 Making the best use of medical care This resource provides women with guidance in accessing and making the best use of visits to health care professionals, and in following through on medical treatment. 4