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Age- and Gender-Specific Materials

Gender-specific programs are available for adult males, juvenile males, adult females, and juvenile females. Most of the materials in our comprehensive workbook series are available to all four of these categories. In addition, we tailor many program packages specifically for girls and women.

The table below lists our various treatment areas.

Program Area Adult Male Adult Female Juvenile Male Juvenile Female
Preparation for Treatment YES YES YES YES
Self-Discovery YES YES YES YES
Understanding Your Feelings YES YES YES YES
Self-Awareness YES YES YES YES
Functional Thinking YES YES YES YES
Identifying & Changing Your Stinking Thinking YES YES YES YES
Finding Your Direction YES YES YES YES
Developing Insight YES YES YES YES
Becoming a Stronger Person YES YES YES YES
Coping Skills YES YES YES YES
Putting It All Together YES YES YES YES
Returning Home YES YES YES YES
Delinquency Program N/A N/A YES YES
Gender Specific Program: Males YES N/A YES N/A
Gender Specific Program: Females N/A YES N/A YES
Domestic Violence (females) N/A YES1 N/A YES1
Pathways To Daily Living YES YES YES YES
Problem Solving YES YES YES YES
Relapse Intervention YES YES YES YES
Vocational Materials YES YES YES YES


  1. ^ Best if used for females between the ages of 15 and 21. Links to treatment planning materials.