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Preparation for Treatment

In many program settings, including community programs, it may be necessary to overcome initial resistance. Program resources tailored for participants new to programming, resistant, defiant, or in denial. These MI-based resources are used in programming for men's programs, women's programs, and juvenile male and juvenile female programs.

The selection of resources can be tailored to address typical situations in precontemplation to change (based on the transtheoretical model of change TTM). Addtionally, resources can address the issues of clients in the stages of non-contemplation and anti-contemplation (Freeman and Dolan).

Part of our comprehensive workbook series, these resources are tailored by age and gender. Programming materials are available for adult males, adult females, juvenile males, and juvenile females. Sample workbook titles used at this stage are listed below.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
ICD What's Treatment All About Short workbook explains the treatment process and expectations. 1
Pre1 What Am I Doing Here? Introductory workbook helps identify feelings, behavioral and substance abuse issues and risk factors. Reduces resistance, and begins the process of personal awareness and change. Based on motivational enhancement (MI/MET model), guides clients from pre-contemplation to contemplation of change. Includes six sets of activity cards. (for juvenile corrections and diversion programs) 3 to 6
Pre2 While You Are Here Brief activity clarifies opportunities and expectations for participants in correctional treatment settings. (for juvenile corrections programs) 1
Pre3a What's Important To You? Values clarification activities. Designed to increase comfort with self-disclosure in pre-treatment phase. 4
Pre3b Reflection Activity Discloses self-image and specific client issues. 1
Pre3c Coat of Arms Activity Self-disclosure and self-image activity. 2
Pre3d Making Your Dreams Come True... Self-disclosure about life goals. 1
SD1 What's Treatment All About? Short introductory workbook for use with individuals or groups. Starts the process of identifying and addressing substance abuse and similar dependencies. (for juvenile and adult corrections programs) 4
PC-WITY What's Important to You? This is the introductory chapter to The Phoenix Curriculum available at four age/grade levels: elementary school, grade 6, middle school, and high school. 5