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Vocational Preparation and Training Resources

These vocational preparation and training materials are designed for community, parole, probation, homeless, and correctional programs (adult and juvenile versions available). Developed for clients who do not have extensive employment histories, these vocational preparation and training workbooks and lessons guide the process of self-examination, confidence-building, job preparation, job-seeking, interviewing, and keeping a job.

Personal Preparation Program (P3)

This is a workbook-based resource, addressing ten important issues for employment and vocational preparation and training. Topic areas include:

  • Getting started
  • Let's look at your skills
  • What kind of work do you like?
  • Motivation: Developing a positive attitude is a critical part of the process
  • Thinking Realistically About Work
  • Practical Aspects of Finding a Job
  • Personal Marketing for Jobs — One Step at a Time
  • Have a "Data Sheet" you can bring to every contact and meeting
  • Applications, Resumes, and Interviews
  • Keeping a Job!

Vocational Lessons (V1, V2)

These vocational preparation and training workbooks emphasize preparation for employment, skills for success, finding the right job, proper behavior in an employment setting, and practical/ethical issues in the work place.

  • Practice in specific job interview skills (V1 lesson #1, #2)
  • Identify their strengths at critical job skills (V1 lesson #3)
  • Exploring for the ideal job (V1 lesson #4)
  • Role-playing practice in preparation for common work situations (V1 lesson #5)
  • Address ethical issues in the workplace (V1 lesson #6)
  • Identify values critical to job and career (V2)

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