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Life Skills: Program Packages

Below are specific program packages relating to life skills curricula. These materials can supplement our comprehensive workbook series and can be used as part of a comprehensive age- or gender-specific treatment program.

Pathways to Daily Living

A comprehensive life skills curriculum for adults and juveniles helping them develop skills for daily living. This manual is designed to address critical life and lifestyle issues. The overall objective is to help participants improve their general health and happiness as functioning members of society. This comprehensive life skills manual prepares inmates and clients in probationary programs for life in the outside world.

More information is available here.

Life at Home Program

Thirteen highly-interactive workbooks for relapse prevention, risk factors management, or aftercare. Includes role playing activities, confidence building for recovery ("self-efficacy"), and detailed planning. 65 hours, shorter packages available.

This program can be useful as part of a drug court and diversion program, community program, or life skills program.

Managing Your Anger

An Anger management communication skills program. Four workbooks and 36 one-hour lessons, with helpful lesson plans, skill-building checklists, client worksheets, games, and skill modeling activities. Addresses roots of anger, basic anger/violence management and communication skills. 65-hour program. More information available here.

Handling the Tough Times Program

24 one-hour lessons with detailed lesson plans, client worksheets, coping skills modeling and practice. Supports relapse prevention planning and self-efficacy. 24 hours program.

1 An introduction to stress management 12 Get yourself together
2 What is stress doing to you? 13 Having a backup plan
3 What happened to you? 14 Making use of community resources
4 What pushes your buttons? 15 Affirming yourself
5 How have you "coped" in the past? 16 Using the serenity prayer
6, 7, 8 Coping skills 17 External supports
9 Living smarter. Living longer 18 How to be good to yourself
10 How am I doing today? 19 Handling difficult situations
11 What to do when you are having bad feelings    

This program can be useful as part of a drug court and diversion program, community program, or life skills program.

Making Good Use of Your Leisure Time

6 lessons (1-2 hours each, with complete lesson plans, worksheets and participant activities). These activities remind participants of the positive possibilities in their lives; typical part of a life skills program.

  1. Seeking happiness and contentment
  2. Identifying your needs and wants
  3. Making your dreams come true
  4. Increasing the joy in your life
  5. Your most important values
  6. Adding balance to your life with new activities
  7. Dealing With Crises
  8. Taking The Initiative
  9. Joy and Humor

Managing Your Money Program

9 lessons (1-2 hours each, with complete lesson plans, worksheets and participant activities; typical part of a life skills program.

1 Keeping track of everyday spending 5 Summary activity
2 Travel expenses 6 When you need more money
3 Clothing costs 7 Becoming money smart
4 Household furnishings 8, 9 Your budget

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