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Part of our comprehensive workbook series, this series of short workbooks supplements the cognitive restructuring process (the middle stages of cognitive-behavioral therapy). The workbooks address specific thinking and behavioral issues that may be symptomatic of underlying vulnerabilities or cognitive distortions. This series of workbooks uses a guided format for addressing the thinking which underlies excessive behavior.

These materials can be used in programs tailored for age and gender.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
DI1 What's Wrong With Staying Busy? Addresses compulsive activity. 4
DI2 What's Wrong With My Relationships? Addresses typical thinking underlying codependent behavior and relationships, as well as other dysfunctional relationship behavior. (For men's programs) 4
DI3 What's Wrong With Being Emphatic And Generous? Identifies issues with apparent generosity and interpersonal empathetic behavior, including inappropriate or unusual behavior ("over-doing it"). Examines possible compensation for underlying issues and feelings. 4
DI4 What's Wrong With Being Self-Sacrificing? Addresses self-sacrifice or "martyr" behavior as compensation and as possible manipulation or control issues 4
DI5 What's Wrong With Holding My Anger? Addresses passive-aggressive thinking and behavior. 6
DI6 What's Wrong With My Heavy Involvement In Social Activities? Addresses compulsive social activity. 4
DI7 What's Wrong With Choosing To Be Alone? Identifies and addresses issues of : (1) isolation and avoidance; (2) effects of past abuse or trauma; (3) avoidance due to poor social skills; (4) lack of self-confidence. 4
DI8 What's Wrong With "People Pleasing"? Addresses specific issues in dependent relationships. Addresses people pleasing as a form of codependent behavior, a manipulation and control issue, and as a form of compensating for underlying issues (including low-self-esteem). 4
DI9 What's Wrong With Trying To Fit In? Addresses issues of over-conformity and "hiding" by apparent conformity, including underlying self-confidence issues. In addition, it helps clients examine over-rigidity (personal and interpersonal inflexibility) and its' relationship to compulsive behaviors. 4
DI10 What's Wrong With Living Up To Expectations? Addresses issues of family expectations, codependent behavior, pleasing mother or father, and lack of individuation. 4
DI11 What's Wrong With My Feelings? This workbook guides self-analysis of: (1) experiences with anxiety and worry; (2) anxiety concerning masculinity; (3) thinking underlying helplessness and relapse; (4) feelings of helplessness. Clients develop action plan for addressing issues of helplessness. 5
DI12 What's Wrong With Being Tough-Minded? Identifies and addresses issues underlying aggressive behavior. Topics include overly-"macho" approach and controlling others by anger. 5

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